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What Our Customers Are Saying

I needed to move to Fort Worth Texas for a great job. I tried selling my home with a Real Estate Agent. It was on the MLS for 5 Months. I gave you a call and was able to move 2 weeks later.

Thank you for making it happen!

Thanks for paying me, when you bought my uncles home too.
Bill & Vicky
Peoria, AZ

I thought I had bought my dream home. I was so happy. After the mortgage changed it was a nightmare. My home payment went up $650. My dream home was drowning me. I couldn't breath things we so tight. You were able to free me from the debt and get me a fair price.

Thank you!
Arrowhead Ranch, AZ

Thank you! I was so scared I had lost my job and didn't know what to do. The bank was sending us letters saying they were going to take the house away. My family was going to be out on the street. You were able to buy my house, get the bank off of my back, and give me and my family a fresh start in Kansas.

We will always be grateful.
Sam and Becky
Casa Grande, AZ

Russ Thank you so much.  We had a buyer for our old home but they didn't qualify for their mortgage six days before closing. You came in and gave us a fair price and closed exactly when we needed to. We moved into our dream home. Were amazed you were able to close that quickly.
Don & Annette
Phoenix, AZ

I was trying to manage a rental from Texas. I got in way over my head. Russ was able to buy it, after the renters trashed the town home. He gave me a fast & fair price.  I was able to stay in Texas through out the sale. I saved countless hours traveling and lots of money.

Houston, TX

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Scottsdale, AZ 85258
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